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Atmosfir Optics Ltd. provides a complete, fully automated, and reliable fence-line monitoring system, called D-fenceline™.  Our  D-fenceline™ is based on combining open path FTIR technology with Atmosfir's data analysis and management algorithms.  The outcome of our integrated D-fenceline™ system yields an ultra versatile, sensitive, and cost-effective fence-line technology. 


Designed by leading experts in the field of quantification of air contamination and world leaders in the field of spectroscopy measurements, the D-fenceline™ system can monitor more than fifty air contaminants based on electromagnetic radiation technology and receive real-time information.

The D-fenceline™ open path instruments and analyzers were developed to be placed at strategic places along a Benzene fence-line, VOC fence line or any other fence line where it is crucial to accurately measure fugitive emission gases and for calculating other air contaminants flux measurements. 


Our D-fenceline™ solution gives you the power to know what, where and when there are fugitive emission gases in the atmosphere around and within the monitored perimeter.  By making use of technical analysis of air contamination signals, our D-fenceline™ solution generates in real-time, the following detailed information:


Real-time valid detection capabilities of dozens of compounds


24/7/365  Real-time fence-line monitoring, detection & quantities


Up to 2 x 500m long monitoring lines


Low detection limits


Online data validation


Location analysis


Real-time alerts to end users


Efficient UI tools for alerting, reporting & analysis



Not only is the D-fenceline™ system the most sensitive and accurate system for measuring of contaminants in industrial areas, it can also be used in Semiconductors and Pharma clean rooms.


We believe that each client is unique.  Our experience and versatile, cutting edge technical air quality monitoring services, allows for the development of products that are tailored to the requirements and specifications of individual needs.  With flexibility to suite your needs, D-fenceline™ and our other air monitoring products, merit a different list of compounds that are essential for our clients to monitor.  D-fenceline™ makes it possible to be informed, in real time, of different detection levels, thresholds and different time intervals of monitoring reports.  Our spectral and spatial data fusion algorithms, all use the best available optical remote sensing hardware and innovative solutions.


There is a great team of people, each one an expert in his field, who will work together with you to offer you the best solution to suite your need.  Make your gas emission challenges our responsibility.  Our team of experts will be happy to hear from you.

Recent regulatory developments in the United States and around the world, have identified fence-line monitoring as a critical building block of area air monitoring around industrial, chemical and petrochemical facilities. These regulations differentiate between community monitoring and fence-line monitoring, while conventional point monitoring air measurement methods are standard for community monitoring.  Open path technologies are recommended or required at the fence-line of industrial sites.

The significant benefits of using the real-time D-fenceline™ system, include these four key elements of fence-line monitoring:


  • When: Detect leakage within minutes. Much more effective plume capture of sources both within and external to the industrial facility using real-time data.

  • What: Detect and identify dozens of emitted materials simultaneously with absolute certainty simplified by using our unique spectral validation feature.

  • Where: Combining continuous open-path monitoring data with continuous meteorological data allows for rapid determination of where the emissions are originating. Using our speciation feature allows for even better information to evaluate the source of the emissions. This data supports an affirmative defense about the contribution of off-facility sources to fence-line concentrations.

  • How much: Evaluates the magnitude and severity of the leak or emission event.


Using the  D-fenceline™ system, results in reduced facility downtime and emphasizes the safety of your employees. Being able to efficiently source emissions, reduces environmental impact and penalties for the facility. This results in loss prevention programs through securing routine and continuous production, including the financial benefits of recovered raw materials and products. Atmosfir and Bruker understand that continuous open-path fence-line monitoring programs, have also resulted in reduced insurance premiums.