Emission Studies

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Our team of experts have performed numerous short- and long-term emission studies for a wide variety of fugitive and area sources. We have used in our studies many combinations of open-path technologies and point monitors, each specifically designed to satisfy the client’s project goals. We have access to all types of passive and active optical remote sensing techniques and we have used them all in our past studies. This includes DIAL, UV-DOAS, TDLAS, and OP-FTIR for gases (air toxics and GHGs), and also applied back scattering LIDAR, laser transmissometer, and OP-FTIR for fugitive dust and particulate matter (PM) measurements.


Our team have also performed technology evaluations and demonstration studies under the auspices of USEPA, DoD, and DHS, such as evaluating the tradeoffs between passive and active OP-FTIR spectrometers, validating and demonstrating of the RPM methodologies in USEPA OTM-10, and verification of incorporating open path laser transmissometes for fugitive PM emission measurements. (links to Houston Refining paper, Shell Deer Park DIAL/OPFTIR, fugitive dust, tank farm in Taiwan, O&G in Colorado, Chloro-Alkalai, and many more) .