Products & Services

Our versatile cutting edge technologies, experience, and flexibility allows for the development of products that are tailored to the specifications of each client. Each product will merit a different list of compounds that are essential for the client to monitor, different action levels and thresholds, and different time intervals of monitoring reports. Our spectral and spatial data fusion algorithms all use the best available optical remote sensing hardware, and innovative solutions to meet client needs.

The core of Atmosfir’s business is our patented spectral analysis method for reliable, real-time, spectrally-validated concentration data with unprecedented low detection limits. This allows Atmosfir to provide results that are essentially free of false positives and negatives. Shown to the right is an example of spectral validation for benzene at a concentration of less than 10 ppb, generated in real-time, using an open path Fourier Transform Infrared (OP-FTIR). 

We provide our clients with near real-time access to the monitoring data via a secure website.  Our clients also have access to the raw spectral data.  Our competition typically only provides the final concentrations.

One of Atmosfir’s strengths is our expertise and knowledge in matching the most suitable hardware for a specific application with our data processing and management capabilities. A key differentiator is that Atmosfir does not sell a certain equipment technology. This allows us to focus completely on finding the right solution for our clients.

We work with all open-path monitoring technologies (e.g. Fourier Transform Infrared, Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy, and tunable diode lasers) from many different equipment suppliers, both active systems for fenceline monitoring and passive systems for flare performance evaluations.


Atmosfir Optics Ltd. provides a complete, fully automated, and reliable fence-line monitoring system. Combining open path FTIR technology with Atmosfir's data analysis and management algorithms yields the world's most versatile, sensitive, and cost-effective fence-line technology: the D-fenceline monitoring and air quality management system.

Remote Wise-LDAR

Current federal regulations for hydrocarbon emissions from natural gas wellhead operations (including storage of natural gas condensates and produced waters at the wellhead) are limited in number and scope.  [The only current federal regulation is 40 CFR 60, Subpart – Standards of Performance for Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production, Transmission and Distribution.]  A few states, such as Colorado, are developing and implementing more stringent regulations but, in comparison to most industrial operations, air emissions from natural gas production facilities are lightly regulated...

Emission Studies

Our team of experts have performed numerous short- and long-term emission studies for a wide variety of fugitive and area sources. We have used in our studies many combinations of open-path technologies and point monitors, each specifically designed to satisfy the client’s project goals.

Flare Passive FTIR Studies

Atmosfir have developed a capability through its unique spectral algorithm to provide flare combustion efficiency studies using state-of-the-art fast scanning passive FTIR (PFTIR) technology.