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Our versatile cutting edge technologies, experience, and flexibility allows for the development of products that are tailored to the specifications of each client. Each product will merit a different list of compounds that are essential for the client to monitor, different action levels and thresholds, and different time intervals of monitoring reports. Our spectral and spatial data fusion algorithms all use the best available optical remote sensing hardware, and innovative solutions to meet client needs.


Remote Wise-LDAR
Flare Passive FTIR studies

About us

Atmosfir is an innovative, advanced air monitoring Technology Company focused on providing our clients with the best air monitoring solutions. Atmosfir is a technology-oriented company, with unique and valuable intellectual properties and years of in-the-field experience. Our leadership team includes some of the worlds most recognized and respected air measurement scientists. For over fifteen years our experts have been actively involved in the development of U.S. EPA test methods and have been involved in designing and implementing numerous Optical Remote Sensing measurement campaigns.

The D-fenceline monitoring and air quality management system

The D-fenceline monitoring and air quality management system

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Latest News
Atmosfir is participating in this year's CEM India exhibition, where we will showcase our cutting-edge air monitoring technology. 
Cutting-edge FT-IR fencline technology1.png

For more information on the D-fenceline technology used in this demonstration, please click the read more button below, where you will find a more detailed explanation of what our system has to offer, as well as videos of actual installations in action.

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